1st CoP Sharing Session (Digital Leadership)

Domain:  Digital Leadership


●  數碼領導力:小學經驗分享 (Mr. CHING Chi Cheung)

●  數碼領導力:中學經驗分享 (Mr. LUI Hang Sum)

Date:  24th Sep 2022 (Sat)

Time:  10:30am – 12:00pm

Speakers:  Mr. CHING Chi Cheung (Principal of Chinese Y.M.C.A. Primary School) & Mr. LUI Hang Sum (Principal of Buddhist Sum Heung Lam Memorial College)

Meeting ID: 974 3038 1250

Zoom link: https://eduhk.zoom.us/j/97430381250



Mr Taylor WONG ( 2948 6576  ; thtwong@eduhk.hk )

Ms Pin YAU ( 2948 8065 ; ypyau@eduhk.hk )

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